CSK 12 CSK 12 P CSK 12 PP One-way Bearing

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CSK12CSK12 P CSK12 PPOne-way BearingItem: CSK12 Dimension:12x32x10mmWeight: 0.04 kg Type:CSK 8 CSK 8 P CSK 8 PP8 x22x 9mm 0.015kgCSK12CSK12 P CSK12 PP12x32x10mm 0.04kgCSK15CSK15 P CSK15 PP15x35x11mm 0.05kgCSK17CSK17 P CSK17 PP17x40x12mm 0.07kgCSK20CSK20 P CSK20 PP20x47x14mm 0.11kgCSK25CSK25 P CSK25 PP25x52x15mm 0.14kgCSK30CSK30 P CSK30 PP30x62x16mm 0.21kgCSK 35CSK35 P CSK35 PP35x72x17mm 0.30kgCSK40CSK40 P CSK40 PP40x80x22mm 0.50kgCSK 17 2RS 17x40x17mmCSK20 2RS 20x47x19mmCSK25 2RS 25x52x20mmCS...

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CSK12CSK12 P CSK12 PPOne-way Bearing
Item: CSK12 Dimension:12x32x10mm
Weight: 0.04 kg

CSK 8 CSK 8 P CSK 8 PP8 x22x 9mm 0.015kg
CSK12CSK12 P CSK12 PP12x32x10mm 0.04kg
CSK15CSK15 P CSK15 PP15x35x11mm 0.05kg
CSK17CSK17 P CSK17 PP17x40x12mm 0.07kg
CSK20CSK20 P CSK20 PP20x47x14mm 0.11kg
CSK25CSK25 P CSK25 PP25x52x15mm 0.14kg
CSK30CSK30 P CSK30 PP30x62x16mm 0.21kg
CSK 35CSK35 P CSK35 PP35x72x17mm 0.30kg
CSK40CSK40 P CSK40 PP40x80x22mm 0.50kg

CSK 17 2RS 17x40x17mm
CSK20 2RS 20x47x19mmCSK25 2RS 25x52x20mm
CSK 30 2RS 30x62x21mm

Type CSK is sprag type freewheel integrated into a 6200, 600, 6300 series ball bearing ( except sizes 8 and 40). It is bearing supported, delivered grease lubricated and protected against dust of more than 0.3mm. The use of additional “nylos” type seals is recommednded especially when the working temperature exceeds 50°.

Oil bath lubrication is also possible if the orgiginal grease is first flushed out using a suitable solvent.

Torque transmission is ensured by a press fit assembly into a rigid outer housing with N6 tolerance. And onto a shaft with n6 tolerance. The initial bearing radial clearance is set at C5, and is reduced of using the press fit as specified.

One race may be glued. If both races are to be glued, performance will be reduced or a C3 bearing clearance will be necessary.

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +130°C. Peaks up to +150°C are acceptable for short periods.

CSK…2RS is 5mm wider but is equipped with lip seals to be water splash resistant.
CSK series one-way (clutch) bearing consists of a 62 series ball bearing (except CSK8 and 40).

One-way bearings are widely used in mining /hydraulic / textile / printing / washing machines, conveyor systems and so on.

CSK–P and CSK–PP series are available upon request. CSK-P features a keyway on the inner race;while CSK-PP features a keyway both on the inner race and outer race.

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